Onirica: Field of Dogs (Psie Pole)

direcetd by Lech Majewski with Michal Tatarek, Elžbieta Okupska, Jacenty Jedrusik.  Poland-Italy-Sweden 2014, 102’, v.o. eng-it. sub. 

ProductionPolish Film Institute, CG Home Video, Bokomotive Film AB, Silesia Film, Odeon Rybarczyk Productions, 24Media, Em Audio, Centrum Kultury Katowice
Distributor Cecchi Gori
Written by Lech Majewski
Music Lech Majewski, Józef Skrzek
Editing Eliot Ems, Katarzyna Lešniak
Director of Photography Lech Majewski

Adam is the lone survivor of a car accident in which his lover, Basia, and his best friend, Kamil, both died. In deep schock, he throws out his academical career. Having always been obsessed by Dante, he gives in to the onirical visions of The Divine Comedy, in the attempt to overcome his sorrow. As Dante with Beatrice, Adam may rejoin his beloved Basia only in his dream.

07/04,  18.30 Teatro Petruzzelli
08/04, 22.45 Galleria 5

€ 2,00

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